Monday, January 9, 2012

Here we go!

The entire team has met together, planned together, laughed together, and packed together. We have spent a week together so far and we like it. This morning we finished packing our bags; we are taking one bag with OUR clothes, etc and one bag with supplies for the trip. The bags have to be 50 pounds or lighter, but some of our bags might weigh a little bit more than that.

Tomorrow is the big day. We pile onto a charter bus on campus at BSC and wave good bye to our family and friends for 3 weeks.

Our flight leaves Atlanta at 9 pm, Tuesday, January 10 We will sleep, eat, watch movies, read, and watch each other sleep for 11 hours. We are scheduled to land in Accra, Ghana at 1:110pm (local time), which is 7:10 am Wednesday morning back in 'ole Birmingham.

As soon as our flight arrives, I will text my husband, Brad Spencer (205-249-2955) who will update this blog. Therefore, official information can be obtained right here, folks.

Thanks for all of your support and prayers.


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  1. Prayers lifted! Can't wait to hear how He will amongst and through the team. Blessings!
    Amy Snow