Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Amazing Week in Every Way!

Today was the last day of our long teaching week.  All five days were filled with frustration, joy, disappointment, excitement and pure exhaustion.  Teaching in the intense heat has been challenging for all of us making the breezes fully appreciated.  Children in Grade 8 studied nonfiction texts, which prompted their teachers to make an incredibly creative portable bookshelf out of water bottle boxes and duct tape. 

Alex and Chandler's portable bookshelf

Bakpa Avedo teachers loved the shelves and discussed making them for their homes.  Grade 7 continued to investigate geography, with a simulated visit to all continents, including individual passports for all.  In the primary grades, students learned about the five senses,
Cynthia's 6th graders enjoyed the "smell" test

involving a taste test and a smell scavenger hunt. Learning English has been an exciting adventure for the Bakpa Avedo children but the kind of sustained attention it takes to listen to an unfamiliar language ALL DAY is stressful and exhausting.  At the end of today, children and teachers alike were tired and ready for a break.
Laura and her relay team

After work, we were able to relax until a traditional dinner of Red Red, which is beans and fried plantains. 

Tomorrow we go to the Wli falls north of Sogakope.  The trip is long, 4 hours each way, but according to our hosts is a natural landmark that should not be missed.   We look forward to an amazing day.

Laura and her third graders spend lots of time singing!

Regan reads Pete the Cat to her first graders.


  1. Best wishes and Love to you all!! I love hearing about the trip. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this blog! I check it more than once a day to see if there's a new post! When there is, I read it several times a day. Thank you so much for the small piece of insight to your world!