Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ghana Explorations 2014

Hello Everyone!

It is now crunch time.  The team spent the day yesterday working on lessons, packing teaching supplies, and enjoying each other.  Today and tomorrow have been for us to pack, do laundry, make that LAST (really the LAST) run to Walmart, and say good-bye to family and friends.

The team meets at the Birmingham Airport at 10 am and leaves at noon.  We are scheduled to fly to Atlanta and through New York on our way to Accra, Ghana.  The weather alone will be a huge adjustment, as the high in Birmingham on departure day is 20 degrees F and in Accra is 85 degrees F! We are in for a treat.

We will update the blog as soon as we can upon arrival Tuesday afternoon.  In the meantime, we would appreciate thoughts and prayers for safe travels.


  1. We will be thinking of you and praying for you at many times of every day you are gone. We will eagerly read your accounts of the many experiences you will have on your journey. And we look forward to your safe return home. Godspeed to you all. Vera Lynn & Randy Sheets (Lindsay's parents)

  2. I am so thankful for this blog so that we may keep in touch in some way over the next three plus weeks. I wish you all safe travels and an amazing experience in every possible aspect from start to finish. I am so proud of you all for investing so much of yourselves into this service learning project. Best wishes, Erin Wentz (Chandler's mom)

  3. Amelia just called and said that they will stay in the airport tonight and hope for a flight out in the morning. The scheduled departure is 7:00 AM EST.