Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Until We Meet Again

Saying good bye to children today was difficult at Bakpa Avedo.  A true Ghanian gathering involved speeches by officials and drumming and dancing by children dressed in traditional Ghanian garb.  During their dancing many of the BSC students were invited to to participate.  The dancees looked fairly simple but were more diffficult than they looked.  Many of us simply looked like confused chickens trying to fly.  We were all good sports and laughed along, though we truely looked ridiculous.  Each class presented a song or  presentation to the audience of teachers, students, friends and parents.  It was special to see how much the children learned and how much our BSC students had grown.  Their pride in the children of Bakpa Avedo was visable to all who attended.  As our buses left the school, children lined the street to wave us good bye.  It was an emotional day for each of us.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Accra for a bit of shopping on our way to Cape Coast.  We stay at Cosa, a beach resort as we spend some important time reflecting and assimilating our experiences during the last two weeks.

Out of respect for that time, we will not be updating the blog while at Cape Coast, but will return again with updates next week. Instead, we ask your thoughts, wishes, and prayers as we in turn look at all we have done here and all we have gained, and decide how we can grow from this magical experience in Africa.


  1. I hope there is video of the dance experience! May everyone be refreshed and empowered by this time of discernment and reflection. Traveling mercies.