Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Safely on the ground

At 2:30 local time the team was on the ground and ready to catch a bus to Sogokope.  More to come soon, I am sure.


  1. So glad everyone made it safely. The weather was making travel difficult everywhere it seems and many others have been stranded and delayed for even longer that your group. I'm sure that knowledge does not make the floor at JFK any softer however!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing more soon.

    Erin Wentz

  2. YAY! Good to know!

  3. Everyone, we are so thankful you arrived safely! �� Since you began traveling, you have all been in my prayers and the prayers of two of my small groups, as well as some family members' and friends' prayers--more than 21 people! We will continue praying while you are away from Birmingham, for safety, for success in your outreach, as well as for fun! We look forward to hearing more when you get the chance. Take Care and God Bless, Karen (Hi, Sweetheart!)

  4. Glad you guys made it safe. I have spent nights in airports so I know how much fun that can be. Have fun and be safe. Our daily prayers are with ya'll, as we say in Texas. Keep posting. We want to know. Love you Laura O and say hello to Laura K. God Bless you and keep you safe. Jose and Inma

  5. thinking of you and look forward to hearing more!